Bush or McCain?

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We're a bunch of game developers who decided to create a flash game to support the Obama campaign and to show how Bush and McCain are. . McSame! See for yourself and vote in November if you can!

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I expected bush to say all that stupid shit but i didn't think mccain was THAT fucking stupid


Nice art & design.

I have to agree that the quotations made it too easy to separate them, even though they were based on the same policies. I don't know how else you could have done it though. Just having a checklist of policies would be too dry. Maybe some more obscure lines, or facts about them.

Anyway, whatever it takes, eh? ;)

Not bad.

In terms of theme you would probably want to show things that show similarities in policy, which this did not.


Its interesting to see how far on the coattails of Bush flash game creators and film directors can ride. Seriously, some people are so opportunistic, and completely dependent upon a person they supposedly hate, that substandard work will pass simply because it targets a person who is despised in the media. To be honest, I would like you to make a Bush or Obama game, and then you may realize that all political rhetoric is nearly identical.

Honestly, as an independent, I would never not vote for someone because they are from the same party as someone who is despised, and this game will fail in its effort to motivate that vote for Obama.

On a side note, the reference to McCain's temper was clever.

lol ur so right that theyre mcsame

the game itself wasnt so fun but the idea behind it was great. i agree that mccain and bush r complete incompetent buffoons and even though obama is only slightly better i think he should be president (i dont think that either is fit but i think obama is less of an idiot than mccain)

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Oct 14, 2008
9:18 PM EDT
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