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REPLY - WHAT ARE YOU???? i am 'Kris008 is a Bald Cow Shagger'

Thats right...This is an insult generator that will insult YOU!!!

This is just for a laugh and one of my worst submissions but its funny,
for a laugh when your at your mates house and he/she is logged onto there acount....open this game thingy up and they will really think its about them!!!

This was done in about 10 mins and its NOT really about you!!! so dont get pm'ing me asking 'What have i done to you? why have you put my name in this?'

And yeah i know...i posted this twice but i updated it...it now has bg, music and way more insults...
infact it has a combined amount of 4080 random generated insults!!!

So have fun and remember this was only made for the hell of it its not a serious submission so dong post how it could be better and such and such because i dont really care how it could be better or why you dont like it.

Just post what it said to you, what your personal insult was!!! and we'll all laugh about it

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I don't find being a furry sheep grappler all that insulting...

yes i am a

shitty cow eater
lol thats not nice

well that's not very nice!

Wolfiipants is a spotty testicle licker

lmao. Quite good but I've seen better


that was the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me!


Yobro633 is a wet pussy licker!!! hahahahaha!! just 4 dat ill favorite this.

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Oct 14, 2008
6:28 PM EDT
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