the man of pac

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i like making classical games such as snake and astroids
please vote nicely its my first flash
its Pacman, its fun, and its addicting.

*i would love if you would just let this live for me*

thank you

*controls are a little sticky during supper pellet mode*

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eh kinda

The control is not how it should be...

When there is a wall to your left and you press left, you are not supposed to turn left. You are supposed to keep going in the same direction. Now if you hold down left, when there is an opening, pac man will turn. That's how it's supposed to control. It helps the game control better. Now this controls better than another version I think you created, but not by much. Fix the glitches and the sound effects and you have yourself a winner.

The game screen...

is to small, and the controls are glitchy. Make something more original. Take some time and thought and create that masterpiece we know you can..........vp

exatcly the same

this is exatcly thesame as the original i am givng you zero stars for 'unoriginality'

deathofghosts responds:

thats the point!!! duh it is the classic everybody loves since the beginning
it was suposed to be the same

Too Original

Pacmans been around for ages. People have gotten bored of the stupid yellow guy and just want to play something for this century. Please make a game which is up to this century.

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2.93 / 5.00

Oct 14, 2008
6:08 PM EDT
Strategy - Other