Disney Logos in Flash!

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Took the advice of one guy who reviewed my Flash and made the buttons easier to click. So, you won't have as much trouble clicking as you did before.

If you ever wanted to know how to duplicate two famous Disney logos in Flash, you came to the right place.
This took me only two days to do, shortly after we got power back(we'd been off it for three months).
I'm going to have to wait till December before I can have the graphics tablet*sigh*



i could use this , im serious man 5/5. 10/10

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I must say, it's darn good.

After reading all the other reviews I can't not leave one of my own. I saw this when it first came out and thought it was absolutely genius. To all those complaining about the use of tracing, how ELSE are we going to replicate the logos? I doubt anyone would want to completely redraw it from scratch - that would just result in a shoddy looking logo, and nobody wants Disney to come off looking bad. I DO like the Disney logo, and I'm not planning on recreating it, but I'm very glad I saw this and I think it's fun enough to just watch the various steps of creating it - it's also nice to know that I CAN create it if I so choose.

I do wish that those who left negative reviews didn't bother. What isn't useful to someone will undoubtedly be useful to someone else. After all, even Disney wasn't original - for a great deal of their films they used Anderson and Grimm tales.
A++ recreation. Good job.

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LordHayden responds:

Yes, someone who has sense.


hardly. this movie did absolutely nothing for me. any human being with a dominant hand, four fingers and a thumb can trace.

also a neat grinder? sounds incredibly lame, which is ironic considering how NEAT it should be.

LordHayden responds:

You're no better than he is.
If you don't like this tutorial, that's your problem.

oh fantastic

a tracing video. i was waiting to learn how to trace a logo but nobody was brilliant enough to make such a masterful technique. im going to take this incredibly valuable lesson and not learn how to actually draw.

LordHayden responds:

You've just wasted 123kb saying something no one wanted to hear.
Go stick your head in a neat grinder.


This is sorta pointless. When will we wanna copy the disney logo? This game is a total waste of time.

LordHayden responds:

Some people actually like the Disney Logo, and would like to do it if they knew how. It's them that this tut exists for.

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3.35 / 5.00

Oct 14, 2008
6:48 AM EDT