Presidential Toss Off

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Hi all, we just wanted to make a fun game that was based around the 2008 U.S. Elections. We think it turned out to be quite fun and addictive.

General Description
Break the moral of your least favourite candidate before they win over the crowd. Do so by tossing tomatoes and other objects at them.

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Good enough

Ultra simple, pretty sloppy, but pretty cathartic and lets us choose our side in a way some of these things don't.

By the way, it's "morale."

And redcynic is right about the "toss off" thing.

How unfortunate...

You may want to consult the internet before naming your next game; "toss off" means something you probably didn't intend to communicate.

McCain is losing even in this

HAHAHAH! Hardly anyone likes McCain. And for good reason. He's pretty insane. The ich people don't need more damn money. Open your eyes people, McCain is worse than Bush. Holy shit! I didn't even know that was possible...


This is indeed a fun and addicting game. I find it to be entertaining to try and hit their running mates as well as discovering what some of the strange things you can throw are from time to time. I think this game deserves a good score and that it has potential.

Several things need work, like the aiming system and the high score system. Also the music is a little annoying and it would be nice if you could shut it off if you chose to. Besides those things it could definitely be a little more in-depth and detailed and there could be more of a goal and more conditions required to reach that goal. For instance, if there were a meter showing how well the other candidate is doing (or how poorly) and it was declining and you had to keep up to try to keep the candidate you are currently victimizing lower to 'win.'

Anyway, over all I was pleased with it, hope to see more!

Typical Election Year Game

Like most other election year games, it's fun to play once or twice, but gets old really fast. I would recommend it for a one time play, but other than that, it's really boring.

Credits & Info

3.34 / 5.00

Oct 13, 2008
10:35 PM EDT
Skill - Toss