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Hope you like this game I do plan on making a Grav-transfer2 game... eventually. I hope to create more games in the meantime but don't hold your breath, this game took me longer to make than I would like to say. I am open to suggestions that would make this game better (even though I will probably not change this game it will help me with the eventual sequel).


A Portal rival

This is a nice concept, very similar to the Portal game, except you play with gravity instead of... portals. Im hoping the sequel has better graphics, because thats one of the things this game is lacking.

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OmegaBlueUp responds:

I do plan a total revamp for the sequel, so it should look better. I plan on a making a different game (or two) before making a sequel, hopefully my illustrator and Photoshop skills will improve.

Not a bad game..

A little hard to get used to but I liked the concept

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Great game...

Good Job!

Just a little buggy at some points...

Can't wait for numbah 2! :D

mmm was cool man its like a version of portal

wow was realy hard sometimes men but was awesome

umm... glitch?

when i put the red sphere near me, nothing happened - it only had an effect when i used the blue sphere with it

OmegaBlueUp responds:

The red sphere is designed to redirect you when you're in the air, not launch you off the ground (as described in the dialog). I thought it would be difficult to control your direction if it flung you off the walls, so I made it so you can place the repel down then shoot the blue sphere (or turn off the magnetic boots with 'z' if you're not on the ground) to direct it where you want.

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3.80 / 5.00

Oct 13, 2008
8:01 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other