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My Halloween 2008 submission guys! Reccomend for the collection please =3

I love reviews. I relish constructive critisicism.

Anyway, some facts about the movie:
1200 frames.
Around 120 Symbols.
64.6MB FLA size.
The song clip playing in the first bedroom is part of Rammstein's Mein Teil.

Oh BTW, I got the sound effects from www.findsounds.com

This is my second full flash animation, my first ever to enter some kind of contest. I don't know why, but I haven't made a non violent flash yet =P
Hopefully you'll enjoy it. I tried to make it as graphic as I could, and try my hardest with some of the blood effects, etc.

Happy viewing!

21/10/08: Thanks a lot review request club! You gave me a lot to work on.

12/04/09: Started part 2. Yay.



gave me a few lols so 7/10

Work on the animation and add some originality.

It's a typical, generic story. You haven't really shown us anything new - next time, maybe think of a twist or something that will take this a step up.

The scene with the eye turning green is classic horror film. Nice.

I think that the scene with the alien bursting out didn't quite have enough impact - maybe a bit more acting in the voice (if he's so scared, shouldn't he be shouting or showing emotion?) or maybe have the music kick in a few seconds earlier than it did.

The sudden stop of the music was slightly jarring though.

You do need to work on your drawings - the human proportions are constantly changing, with massive legs, messed up limbs or torsos...

I did like some of your colours though.

-Review Request Club-

SCUD14 responds:

Thanks again, i'll try and come up with a twist or two next time around.

room for improvement

Visuals: the frames were roughly drawn but that will remedy itself with time, it was very well animated, the scenes switched too quickly and it felt kind of rushed, try to give the viewer time to adjust to the new surroundings when a scene change occurs

Audio: the voice acting was decent, there is room for improvement though, I liked the music, but it cut out too quickly as the scenes changed

Overall: a pretty good little flash, the plot is good once you understand what's going on, just keep practicing, you have a lot of potential, can't wait to see where you take us next

.:Review Request Club:.

SCUD14 responds:

Ta, i'll get started on it soon.


Let's see, then.

The graphics, as previously said are pretty rough. Yet, the animation isn't that bad. It's even pretty decent at some parts (like when the guy is running and you see only his feet). But that needs practice, it will come eventually. If you do get a tablet, things will get better quickly.

The voice acting is good, too, but yet again, you need to keep the voice and sounds at about the same volume level. Audacity can help you with that, and it's pretty simple to use.

And finally, the plot needs more details. You're not forced to add scenes. For example, you could have begun with a black screen and a narrator talking about backstory and stuff.

Now, i guess i said everything i wanted to say. I know i'm repeating myself, but nothing beats practice.

(§ Jorma Poyer AKA Deflektor §)
Review Request Club

SCUD14 responds:

Practice makes perfect indeed. I'll get to know audacity better as well. Thanks for reviewing.

A decent start

I think that with practice, your animating style can come on. Did you use your mouse or a graphics tablet to make this? I will assume that you used a mouse, due to the way it looks. If so, invest in a tablet and the drawing will improve almost instantly. Try zooming in a little more and using a smaller tool to draw with - this will improve the detail.

The plot isn't too bad, but I think that it needs to be fleshed out a little more, just give some more detail into the scouting mission, what the base is doing on that rock, are they scouts, a mining colony, or something else?

Finally, the sound effects could be improved slightly - try to get the sound effects down to the same level as the voices, so when you activate some of the sounds, they do sound a little on the loud side.

A good start, I look forward to part 2.

[Review Request Club]

SCUD14 responds:

Mouse, a little too sensetive but i can't figure out how to tone it down.

What i ended up doing was drawing the character outlines in a large brush, and zooming in for the details. Won't do again.

Backstory, I have a plan for. Thanks for saying.

Lastly, i'll be getting a graphics tablet for christmas. Then i'll start part 2. =D

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Oct 13, 2008
1:46 PM EDT