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If the preloader starts over again, close the game and start again.

All right, I submitted my first game before going on holiday!

Well, my first game, pretty simple made actually.
Think logical, the questions you'll see are very hard to awnser. Credits to the Impossible Quiz. The credits hold an easter egg, but the credits are at the end, so you'll probably never see it :P

If you ABSOLUTELY don't know an awnser, PM me, I'll give a hint.


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Not a bad start.

Some of the questions were downright funny, although it did get annoying having to restart all the time. All in all, not a bad quiz/weirdness game. I hope you keep making stuff.

NICE!! very Impossible quizzy

I like this game very much (even with the preloader problem). I know much of the answers, cause I've played the Impossible quiz too ^^.
A few tips: this music was awful, and I couldn't turn it off :(. Also, one song is better as choosing again every time I was game over.
I should used another font, thisone is not very good readable.

not a quiz

this wasnt what i would consider a quiz its more of a guessing game, i suggest putting in questions that people would actually know without having to play the game 4 times to get the right answer for each question other than that pretty good

Very Basic

Very basic, If you failed it restarted you too early, and the questions weren't pure logic. It was ok, but try to polish it more next time before you release.


unlike the others, I actually played it, I love quizes like this, its awesome lol