The Elevator (terminal)

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This is a game that my crew and I decided to abandon due to the lack of time, knowledge and interest. We are instead recruiting for a new game that popped in mind and I think it will be at least 100 times better than this.

This is a game that may seem an ordinary game, but you'll soon realise that this is completly different from the games you've played befor. with 25 levels of increasing difficulty, you'll be sure to give a few hours to complet it. The game might take a few seconds to load, so please dont flag.

Comments would be hugelly appreciated!

Btw, it's a demo. And yes, theres Jesus on the preloader.


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It was an interesting idea but the ball constantly slipped through the red bar thingy which made it really annoying to play. Also the fire could hit you from a couple feet away and it seemed the only obstacle included (I don't know I stopped after the 4th level because I had better things to do -_-)

camoshark responds:

Absolutely fantastic, people like you who have better things to do!

Instead of zero bombing my game, you could simply NOT have played my game and
told yourself that the guy who actually MADE the game could have done something better knowing that people like YOU don't even have the time to write an actual review considering the super-low score...

I would continue it!

It's a good start!

Good idea

I would say this is a good idea, but you need to impove on alot of aspects.

Firstly, the ball should not and never overlap with the red color elevator.

Secondly, the alignment must be correct, i was sure that i was away from the fire, but somehow i still touch the fire, a little alignment problem over there....

Thirdly, maybe you could develop this into a 3D format, or make everything looks like a 3D image instead of a cartoon image kind, it would boost the gameplay greatly, really, i mean!!!

Well, then i would give you some credits over it!

camoshark responds:


Wow creative

I wouldnt say u should abandon this. this is very new to flash gaming this is clever :D. ive never seen anything like this before no reason to abandon it. Fix the ball through platform glitch and give the game a story and soem beter animations and youl have a a kick ass sweet game :D kmon dont give up

camoshark responds:

Well we'll talk about it since so many people want it complete. Anyways I'm building a team to make a game so maybe we'll finish it up!

Why abandon it.

Abandon a good idea? Everyone loves platform games and this is a good one.
The ball goes through the (platform). A bad glitch or lack of work?
Music is a needed for a game like this. Other then that good idea.

camoshark responds:

Actually, the ball through platform glitch was intended to make the game harder, but since it anoys so many people, I think I'll be taking it off. Thanks for the review!

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3.83 / 5.00

Oct 13, 2008
10:13 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other