Ultra Geo Maze

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Ello all!

My new simple game, use the mouse to avoid walls, and hazerds. There are warps that will either bring you forword, or worst back to a lower level of maze. Also, It has a music menu with 4 relaxing tunes for your pleasure. The rest of the guide is in there.

Tips if you get stuck.

1. Remember, most likely the correct warp to take is the hardest one to get too, not allways though...

2. Remain calm, and take your time, and jerky hastey movement will result in death.

3. There is a hidden mystory to my maze, you need to figure it out in order to win!

4. Yes, there are such things as hidden goodies such as hidden warps, ect.

I hope you injoy!

Special shout outs!
And many more! (Jamie not included!)

And thank you for lettting us win Ins@in!

*Also special thanks for author of the Through Fire and Flames Piano Remix. In a computer acident, I lost the song number and author's name. I tried relocating it, but no sucsess. If you know how made this, or it was you, message me so I can give you full credit for the song!

_____Edit 1___
You might be faced with
a white screen instead
of my preloader, trying
to fix problem now

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I think I may have cheated...

When I kept going back to the beginning I just right clicked and... yeah. I'm not sure if it was intended to be like that, but either way it was still challenging.

Snipper64 responds:

look, one weakness every game I ever played was that if it was too long, you may never beat it, and you may get fed up with it, and just quit. If you were getting mad at the game, I would prefer you cheat and win instead of just quitting and leaving thinking bad of the game, glad you like it however. Thanks :P

Mildly disapointed

the music set a mild mood for a mild game and i was milady amused at the piano metal music. The mild art was mildy entertaining and the mild milady of the mildness was, well, mild. I must say though the game was mild.

In all seriousness it was a decent game. right click to the star led me to finish the game in less time then it took me to pick the music. make it so you dont die by hitting walls but instead just stop. Also did i mention mild?

Snipper64 responds:

All I can say is that #2 has a slot machine, and the soon to be release #3 has a BOSS FIGHT WITH A F-ING BATTLESHIP! I hope I had pleased you :D

much better

than your second one the big passages help with dieing

Snipper64 responds:

Thanks, i will go back to the bigger passages.

Nice try....

I could finish this game in 1 second by right clicking.
Fix that, and indead a white load screen.

Snipper64 responds:

lol, #2 is almost done, and lets just say there is still "right clicking" but I made a few traps for the cheaters :D

As for the loader, I don't know what it'll look like UNTILL I post it... I'll try to make #2's work... Thanks for the review!


Its alrite could be a little better a little better graphics and itd be nice

Snipper64 responds:

Like I said below, I may have the same set up, but take out my retro look and change it into a more detailed either base look, or each room be a diffrent nintendo themed room...

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3.63 / 5.00

Oct 12, 2008
5:59 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid