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The Invisible Beard of Contemplation.

This is not easy. You will need some intelligence to complete this game. If you are a moron - do not attempt to play. You'll just embarass yourself.

Good luck.

Please do not post solutions.

Constructive criticism is welcomed.



well it looked interesting but i dont know anything about movie stars so...
i guess its obilus i didnt get past question two.


i cant believe someone spent time making this

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What you'll need is Google

Rather than make an actual quiz based on information that any real person would know, it would seem the author has instead pulled random bits from random searches of Google, believing that maybe, just maybe, someone would fall for the belief that there is a puzzle aspect involved here. The fun stops at a Wild Bunch photo shopped with what probably is the author's mates in an attempt to probably laugh at anyone who takes this "game" seriously.

There is no difficulty for "randomly retarded." I believe that's just called frustration.

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30nightsofviolence responds:

Thanks you for your review but it seems you may have missed the point completely. You've clearly not understood the game and your comments on the "Wild Bunch photo" are completely wrong.
As I said in the game's comments - don't attempt to play if you are a moron.
Thank you.

Finally on NG

Awesome that you've finally brought this to NG; loved solving the cryptic puzzles with my mate and high-fiving when we got 'em done.

If you decide to post up #2, I'd be a very happy man.

30nightsofviolence responds:

Thanks for the review! I'll probably post IBOC2 at a later date. Thanks again!

So I have to complete a sentence

In which there is no clue about what it could be? I mean if these were well known sayings or something there might be something to go on, but the shear magnitude of words suggested by your "clues" creates to many possibilities.

Other than that it was set up well and had good functionality.

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Oct 12, 2008
11:29 AM EDT
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