The Dark Room

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A short creepy and scary horror flash for the New Grounds Halloween Collection 08!
Hope you like it!
Im not saying that this flash should scare you...its just creepy and it has a bizzare atmosphere!

For everyone who thinks that nothing makes sense in the flash....There is a story,but its just a little bit hard to understand! :)
Hope you like it....



It was very good!
You made a great atmosphere trough the whole flash!


An interesting flash. Seems you put some work into it.

On the good side you managed to establish that creepy atmosphere which I expect was your goal, with the hinting shadows and well-chosen colors and music. On the other hand the whole graphics and choice of scenery gave the movie also a kind of 'surreal' feel. Don't misunderstand me, that's not bad, but you won't go past creepy if things just don't have that feeling of 'I'm there' which with surreal images can be hard to achieve...

I'd suggest trying a more realistic approach and covering scenes with shadows, letting them reveal only hints of events and movement (as you did, although perhaps even less obvious). Also add subtle soundeffects, perhaps mix dynamic and static scenes (you know... creepy scene... flash... undefined violent scene, that kind of stuff for instance :P), I suspect this way you'd move more towards scary from creepy, if that's what you would like :)

But anyway... just a suggestion, still a nice flash, although please avoid putting 'The End' at the end as it feels like a disappointment, where the viewer expected some point or especially creepy scene :)

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Bad graphics, a plus for the sound effects

The graphics were bad, like a guy before me said, "you can bitmap trace... you have... skills?". And I mean, the parts that you drew yourself weren't too good either, except the skeleton dude.
The sound effects were good though, and together it merged into a decent short film. You managed to create a really eerie atmosphere.

Great !

Wow..it was really creepy!
I liked it!

Epic Win for halloween.

Ill give it a 9 since I liked the animation, and the overall creepyness of the movie, but the "The End" at the end sorta killed it, it would've been batter to make it more scary when the text came up, but in any case, keep on making flashes ^_^~

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Oct 12, 2008
10:18 AM EDT