The Dark Room

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A short creepy and scary horror flash for the New Grounds Halloween Collection 08!
Hope you like it!
Im not saying that this flash should scare you...its just creepy and it has a bizzare atmosphere!

For everyone who thinks that nothing makes sense in the flash....There is a story,but its just a little bit hard to understand! :)
Hope you like it....


That was really good...

But the plot was confusing. It reminded me of Ju on and Ju on 2, I actually thought it was kind of funny. Almost to the point that I laughed out loud! Maybe I'm just a freak!!!

That was creepy

Anyone who says that wasnt scary should watch it again with the lights out and your speakers turned up


This flash is what I believe the best halloween submission I have seen this year on newgrounds. There was a very errie setting, the best part being where you see the hanging figure gone and the head slowly reach out. The plot was a bit confusing though, can you help me out with that.

MpGrill responds:

yep,I can...Check your PM,I will wrie the story.:)

Needed an scary ending

I found it deep, yet disturbing, but it lacked a strong ending. However, had you had someone jump out at the audience to get them such as the killer. A sudden jump out saying something like "Your Next" catching the viewer unprepared, would have made it excellent short clip.
It seems to me that the person, that is in the dark room hanging is one victim, and then the one with the knife is the second victim. The ending would indicate that the killer got the 3rd and was dragging him into the dark room. Thus, a story saying keep away from the dark? It was still very eye catching, with much promise!

An atmosphiric peice left to its own devices....

...Can be a little hard to comprehend for most people.
I know what you were going for in some respects. Something a lot of people are saying is that they don't get it. What we have to understand as an audience about the story is this: What we are seeing is what the eye piece of the "camera" is letting us see. This is all that we know to be true.

This approach is what a lot of people forget and that fear is what I believe you were going for. The unknown that breads an unease or unrest in people's minds. The art style gave me the feeling as if this was a short story from Silent Hill (this is a good thing in my book ~_^)

All in all, I am moved.
Thanks for sharing this and making the Halloween 08 collection a great deal deeper.
*~t3h C.

MpGrill responds:

Thanks for your review...There is a story behind all this,but its hard to understand:)

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Oct 12, 2008
10:18 AM EDT