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Mauft Mini Games - Trapdoorer.

Mauft Mini Games series, is a series of Flash and BlitzMax small games. This is the first game in it.

Trapdoorer is a logical game loosely based on Sensitive from C64, though truth be told my inspiration was D.R.O.D. (The best logic game in the universe, mind you). In trapdoorer, you control golden marble with an eye, which can jump from tile to tile, breaking the one underneath it with jump. There are three types of blocks - Normal, Hard (they need to be jumped off of twice) and Steel (They turn into normal if orthogonally adjacent block is destroyed).

The game was created in less than 10 hours to promote my site, myself and my skills. It is completely coded with pure AS 3.0 in Flex 2 with help of FlashDevelop. The graphics are bitmaps, and were made using Real Draw Pro 4.0 (and my extraordinarily ordinary skills). :)

At times it was tedious to make it (especially levels) but overall, I hope you will enjoy it at least a tiny bit.

Note: If you are confident with your skills and want to get some more levels in this game, contact me via PM and I can send you a level Editor. Otherwise, I don't plan to make anymore of them due to my lack of skills in this field :).

EDIT: Heh, forgot to change to proper dimensions.
EDIT2: Cosmetic changes - seems I have uploaded the wrong file. Level skipping no longer works.



Its okay. Simple but fun.

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its a cool game to pass the time.

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Very good !

But there's a big problem, I can't find a "replay" button... When I can't finish the level, I have to reload the game :s

Skellus responds:

You just have to jump into the pit ;).


Pretty basic puzzle game. Gets rather annoying fast with the music and sound effects, though.

Skellus responds:

Well, that's why there is the sound toggler in the bottom right corner :).

overall pretty goood

this is a pretty neat game, a bit boring and not much of those "awesome graphics" but i like the concept o-o maybe add a bit more to it =] but i personally dont like puzzle games =] keep it up =D

Skellus responds:

Thanks for critique :).
It is quite difficult to make an interesting puzzle game, when you are not good at level making, because interesting puzzles are... Difficult I believe. So that hopefully excuses me at least a tiny bit :).

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Oct 12, 2008
6:43 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other