Death Note ending demo

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Okey, this is start, first 16seconds of Death Note- Animes 1st ending. This is made by me with flash, its pretty hard even make 20sec -___- But I am still learning, so we will see how I improve.
I recommend use low quality.

Hope you like it :)


Edit. I had made all of this flash, expect music



the only person in this world with good deathnote humor is silentreaper aka MLE

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for a beganing it good ^^

Not enough material here.

I was pretty disappointed with this.

The 'metamorphosis' when you tween a 2nd, similar, image is kinda cool.

The 'messed up' effect works well. Maybe the vertical lines could be slightly different in width - that looks artificial - but the fuzzy white that popped up and the black spots were well-placed.

Overall, I was just hoping for more animation.

I guess it'd be fine as an ending, but the only reason anime gets away with so much tweening and 3-frame cycles is because folk overlook those aspects to enjoy the story.

The pic you drew was really cool though and you have a talent for drawing - now push yourself and do some fbf! Or make something with a story! ;-)

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You've got the start

Now that you've got the image drawn and a few overlays of the frames to make it look antiquated, it's a nice start of the project. Sadly, it is a little short and I think that you could take it further, with the obvious idea being to take this song to completion, showing us what you're capable of, as I don't think you've reached a ceiling yet.

The other thing is to not just manipulate one picture - have some other bits and pieces moving about - how about a band playing in front of the main image - I've seen that one used effectively with some mainstream videos. Even if you just stick in a few stick figures, you'll give it much more depth and it would look so much better. This would give you a video that does much more justice to the track.

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cool demo

Visuals: great picture, very well drawn and animated, I liked the old movie effect, though I'm not entirely sure how this will be used in a full version

Audio: goes great with the video, I'm assuming it's from Death Note, and I just plain liked it

Overall: cool little short, great picture and audio, as this is a demo I expect the finished product to be even better

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Oct 12, 2008
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