Brackenwood: The Game

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My friend FazzleMan had started getting into sprites and experimenting with them, and how some idiots recolored them and claimed them as their own character. I decided that the Sonic sprites looked a bit like Bitey, and, having edited it, this is how it turned out. Even FazzleMan said he was pretty impressed! (And boy, editing sprites is much harder than it looks!) Move with WSAD, avoid the Waterlollies, the YuYu in level four and Bigfoot in level 5. Chase down Fatsack, a Prowlie, and Littlefoot. Good luck!

EDIT: One player complained that the last level is impossible. Just jump over Bigfoot and run back left!

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A sonic sprite recolor, who would have thought?

Well, I saw all the other comments were saying the same stuff I was about to say. Maybe make some of the water lollies a little less precariously placed? I actually like the speed, it's what Bitey is supposed to be. Maybe just space the levels out more so you can have a chance at it.

Visually, it's great, the idea is great. The amount and placement of the obstructions is just massively overdone.

Is there a remake of this game out there? I'd like to try out an updated version.

Kwing responds:

This is so goddamned old, but if I were to redo it now I think I would keep it the same, albeit with a limit on how many lollies you can hit. For instance, hitting 0 would be a perfect completion but the game might allow you to hit between 3 and 5 before you got an instant game over. Or, each one might affect speed, increasing the overall difficulty the more you hit.

Not a very good game. 1. you go too fast. 2. The levels are impossible! I found myself pressing try again like 50 time at the SECOND LEVEL! you get a 2.5 out of 10. Not saying it sucked, im just saying it could use improvement.

Kwing responds:

Yeah, this is some way old shit here.

It was hard but I conquered it!

Kwing responds:

As shitty as a game this is, I have to say I'm impressed. It's a tough game.

he said he used sonic sprits,anyways the game is so hard i could not even beat level one!

Kwing responds:

Yeah, this game has the wrong feel to it.

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2.71 / 5.00

Oct 11, 2008
7:24 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid