Havoc (game teaser)

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No gameplay shown in this, just a list of features and who we are.

Havoc originally started on the premise of making a flash version of BLACK, but then evolved into it's own game. We picked up features of other modern FPSes we like and are putting them into it.

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I like the fact you have taken the time to release a teaser, but with no gameplay footage, Its pretty much impossible to get hyped for the game. The game could be awsome, but theres no way to know.

pepper26 responds:

I like how people are rating this low for not showing footage of game that doesn't even have a complete engine. (nothing to take footage from atm, and how could i put in footage of a game anyways? a video? fuck that.

Gameplay footage would have been much better

The teaser doesn't make the game sound promising enough. The plot hasn't been explained well at all, theres no gameplay footage, and I'm not even sure what this game will be about.

Improve it by adding some screenshots, or gameplay footage, adding a plot perhaps in the teaser, and not making it just like a credits screen.

I'm not saying that Havoc will be bad when its released, just that the teaser, for what it is, is bad

pepper26 responds:

I see your point. but that would make it more like a trailer. which should be coming soon enough. wait fuck it. I'll make one instead. goddamn newgrounds always hates me.

what ?

it was only credits you should make a real game teaser

Well, it looked promising

But you didn't tell us much. You should have shown gameplay, we have no idea what the hell this is. It looked like it could be interesting, but again, you just told us stuff, and didn't SHOW us stuff.


Maybe you could have provided a little bit more info? And maybe make the info you've got now just go a wee bit slower?

Credits & Info

1.33 / 5.00

Oct 11, 2008
9:49 AM EDT