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Excuses For Not Voting

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Uh-oh everybody! Civic responsibility has come knocking once again. You're going to need to brush up on your EXCUSES FOR NOT VOTING, or else you might be able to help direct the future of your country. And who wants that?

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i can't vote because

im not old enough :P

sort of wrong

many people dont vote because the fact of the matter is that the popular vote is only a guidline for how the electoral college will vote. Our last president was elected into office even though he lost the popular vote. Which makes me ask why vote? And the best reason to vote or not vote are all of the extra items attached to the presidential election that no one pays attention too. Like TAXES, WAR SPENDING, SALARIES FOR ELECTED OFFICIALS... and other things that end up costing the middle class tax payer 33% of his paycheck while those making over $150,000 only pay a maximum of 20% after tax breaks that the middle-lowermiddle class never see. So vote WHY the average worker gets screwed either way.


But why do I feel as if I've a;resdy watched this video?


9/10 5/5 ... i enjoyed the humor and the last excuse was so true, but just some ppl don't realize it. thx for the laugh.


hahaha i had a few chuckles here and there so in other words its kinda funny