Soul Core

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Author Comments

Hey NG! This is my fourth game, I have worked really hard on this for the last 3 months, it is finally ready and I am really pleased to release it here on Newgrounds!

This is a point and click, logic based adventure. All the puzzles can be solved using simple logic, all the clues in the game are in place. If you get helplessly stuck, try googling for a walkthrough.

The game should be easily (but I hope still enjoyably) completable by almost everyone, with only the dedicated and most cunning managing to complete it with 100% rating for the special ending!

Thanks for all the great comments I have had from NG users for my last game, I hope you enjoy this one just as much! You have really inspired me to keep making better and bigger games, enjoy!

There may be an issue with the preloader, if you get a white screen when loading the game, please just be patient, the game is still downloading.

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Not bad, I enjoyed the game and got 95% everytime I played, I got 100% by chance once.
My only frustration is the text coordinates for the park was too small. Other than that, it was pretty much alright for me to proceed on. I do have much pleasure in completing the game, the clues was pretty straight forward. However, the door of the 3 spheres had me stuck,but through a little trial and error, I got through the door, and proceeded to play through as normal.
Overall, it was pretty much enjoyable, and if only the text for the coordinates was slightly bigger, I would have voted a 5.

Medium game, nothing interesting about that much.

Why can't I stop playing this game?

it took me several retries to notice that the glowing-object-hunt thingy was only an option. How could I have missed that?

Well Done

Great gameplay, different style, It's come together nicely. I like how you've tried something different from the usual escape games, and I'm expecting good things from you.