Revival of the Menace

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Well, the fight scenes really suck, but I'm getting help with them on the next episode. This is a prequel to Clock Destroyer, and it gives a little background information on what StickClock is and where (we think) he came from.


oh no!!!!

cliffhangers... I don't like cliffhangers... I hope everything turns out okay... great movie clearclock! this is excellent!!!! I can't wait to see what happens next. keep up the great work! clock crew rules!!!!!!


This is awesome movie, well done, if u resubmit this with a better fight scene this movie will b awesome. Great plot, awesome death of strawberry clock, u rule

Good stuff... pacing needs work

There's so great moments in it but some of the dramatic pauses (especially toward the end) are a little too long. Work on your overall pacing (tighten it up) and you'll be golden.

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ClearClock responds:

Because you had something better to be doing with that 15 seconds than watching my movie. When I get my own sound studio to remix my audio tracks, then I will worry about how long my dramatic pauses take. Where is your perfectly syncopated movie? Jerk. Why don't you go practice pacing in your drama classes and don't review any more movies? Remember, JAZZ HANDS!!!

"When you suck / and you can't make / a good flash film / why don't you rate / someone else's schtick / critics suck shit."

That was very good...and long

...geeze that was long. It was good and you obviously put a lot of thought into. I am amazed at the small size. Looking forward to the conclusion

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All clock movies deserve a 10!

That was great! that evil k1lo he is so stupid! :0

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3.37 / 5.00

Mar 4, 2002
11:13 PM EST