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Non-silent horror: Ants

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Some people liked the dead silence of the original, so I'm going to be leaving that up. This version has been scored by a friend of mine, though, which was sort of the original intent. He's on NG as Ectonaut! Everyone likes ants! Do the ants in the pants dance!! ....new Fear Hole coming fairly soon, and after that a pilot for an entirely new series (or just more damn Fear Hole, either/or)



It make me itch- the music was simply PERFECT and I think you animated nicely, really nicely. I like this because the animation doesnt try and make itself different from the music- its there to amplify the meaning of the music. In my opinion, make more like these and you'll be my newest favourite animator :)

Good job dude!

The first thing that comes to my mind when watching yor clips is just one name; David Firth. I see a lot of connections. Are they intended? Are you a fan of his, like me?

Scythemantis responds:

I like some of his stuff but I came up with a lot of my ideas before I'd ever heard of him, and I don't really see a big similarity :)

yeah, that was creepy

excellent sense of how to make a disturbing sequence, from the build up to the end.
really got a kick out of that last shot with the ant. overall the composer is probably spot on for what it is you were getting at.


...yet great

ive seen the videos with the girl with a maggot living in her head
it reminded me of that, so it had a more grossocity to it
i mihgt be able to imagine a maggot in your head
but ants? i dont want to think about that
loved the comic releif at the end
it was all
*Smiley Ant*

Holy crap!

Wow, no other flash has ever given me such a feeling as this one has! It was a mix between fear, suspense, and never wanting to eat ever again. Every time it was 6:00, I thought "How much worse can it get?"

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4.07 / 5.00

Oct 10, 2008
1:49 AM EDT
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