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French Bread Man

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This is my first flash short ever...EVER!!! So be nice please. i did this for one of my classes as a final. My class loved it and it took me forever to do. I was still learning the basics, but I kinda like it. Hope some of you guys do too.

The character is something random I just decided to do. The idea is that the bakery that they are at is a bakery of racial stereotypes (all in good fun). So french bread man is snooty, fortune cookie dude is... well...umm asian:) and so on. I had planned to do some more (mexican tortilla man, french baguettes that r women, etc), but have moved on. So enjoy this funtastic flash from me!


That was awsome

Besides some minor sound issues this was awsome

This should barely avoid blamation!

This has the detail of a low tier, non-professional , piece of crud. This is from a animation student so I have reason to expect better from him. I have reason to believe 1/3 of the movie is recycled material with little to cover up that fact! This movie shows promise so I won't say that it stink beyond gaging so next time just put a little effort into the movie. I'd rather wait a month or three for a good movie then a week to a month for a sub par make. You're a animation student so try to set the bar higher so people like me who can't make movies can't match it if we tried.

Also next time increase the audio quality and volume because I have to turn up my speakers above normal to hear this movie.

mojoanimeo responds:

ouch dude... I never even used flash before. Im getting better, but i'll take it as informative criticism. Alot was recycled because our teacher wanted us to learn tweens and symbols. my next animation has almost no recycled animation though.


*Slowmo karate kick* *splat* XD That is freakin' hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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nice first

worth a watch, you have potential my friend

mojoanimeo responds:


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2.73 / 5.00

Oct 9, 2008
11:22 PM EDT
Comedy - Original