Salt Battle

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This is actually just an animatic, which is basically a moving storyboard with sound (if you want a better definition look it up), but I've lost interest and to a degree hope on actually making a fully animated version. So I decided to just put it up as is. So feel free to bash it into the ground.

A few things about the flash, again because it was a storyboard there are notes and whatnot to help convey what is happening. Also near the end of the movie the reason they all lay down suddenly while fighting is because, like in the beginning, someone comes by and they don't want to be noticed (think Toy Story). Anyway there is obviously so much that could be done with it but I just don't have it in me.

The music is an awesome piece. I downloaded it a while back and if the info attached to the file is correct than it was made by Dimoria and it's called Beneath Wishes. If I have that wrong please let me know.

Anyway that's all folks!



I thought it was pretty good

I will "Bash it to the Ground"

There like CutScenes

but i guess since it is an animetic, hey the should have a series for that here

as i was watching it it was hard to tell what was going on as u only used 2 - 3 colors and an animated version would be awsome

now make that Animated Version SOON!!!

NIce! :)

You are correct it is made by me and under that name.
I like the concept and all about this movie. But still , there is just too much not there.
I think you are a good artist. You have your own style.
But I think there is just to much lacking in this movie to give it a full ten.
I'm an animation fag. That's just how it is. So basicly , I have no opinioun in how to make this better. But I think that the music would be better in place if they actually would move and fight. Still , I like the toy story concept and everything.
So just keep it up. And try to make it more flewent.
Cheers n beers. And feel free to use any of my shit :)

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Great concept.

If you animate this well it could turn out awesome. It is a great concept. It is grand while being small scale. I always have loved the little objects in a seemingly giant human world kind of environment. You have some good ideas such as travveling between the tables and such. Some parts in the storyboard were kind of hard to understand, but as long as you get it it doesn't really matter. Its not like you are pitching this to a advertising people. I hope you decide to go on and make this film cause it looks great.

Pretty Good

i think if you can manage to turn it into a full animation instead of a bit of a storyboard then it will make it, and if that mkes it, then this would make a great addition, possible include the full animation and this one as well?

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2.01 / 5.00

Oct 9, 2008
10:36 PM EDT
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