CastleCrashing The Turtle

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This has been resubmited to try and get a few attentions my original submission was not that great and after much updating i believe it to be a heck of a lot better than the original.

Things different form the original submussion:
Added a roll instead of a landing animation for jumps since people complained about the landing lag
Added a Block (Hold down arrow to block)
Tail now attacks you
Added dust when you jump and land
Added a real turtle death animation
Added a 4 hit combo system, each hit gaining more damage (Hold space unless you have perfect timing as you have a ONE frame window)
There are 8 difficulties
and various bug fixes attributed to the added content

if you spot any bugs leme know and ill be happy to bash them with an oversized hammer of doom.



It's so bad!! The first 2 difficulty isn't hard, but others is hard!!

its alright

i love castle crashers and this wasnt that bad, ok there were a few problems here and there but i played it and it wasnt too hard except the last difficulty, would agree about the knight choosing that would be cool and stuff, but it wasnt too bad really

kinda lame...

I think it would have been better if you could choose the knight, fight little minions before you fight the boss and make the boss less overpowered. It seemed too hard on casual difficulty+ and if you used a lower difficulty, it wasn't that fun.

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i like it

AND DONT CALL ME STUPID U PEOPLE THAT GAVE BAD RATING! this is the closet thing tio castle crashers because i cant afford a damm xbox 360


alot of buggy things i cant really describe, i like the concept but it should have been a funnier boss

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2.81 / 5.00

Oct 8, 2008
8:47 PM EDT
Action - Other