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RealmWalkers - Ep2A

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Sorry about the short length of this one people: due to the complexity of some of the vector animation, the file size was a lot bigger than I expected. This is episode 2A, which will be concluded with an even shorter 2B. This episode will definitely confuse the hell out of you if you haven't seen episode 1 so if you haven't, please do. This episode really starts to explore the different ways these aliens communicate, and the habitat they live in. Again, I composed the musical score exactly to the movie in Sibelius (see episode 1 for more details)

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again another great movie from a great movie maker

great audio

and a really cool idea. nice movie

Music was great!

I liked the music a lot it kept me watching the whole video. It gives the scenes emotion and you did a great job adding that in.

Good Music!

It could have been better. The music was fantastic, but the characters weren't engaging. Overall you get your story out, but it could use a little something. I'm not completely sure what it needs, but something is missing for sure. Excellent work with the animation overall.


So, I didn't watch the first one... and this (as you promised) did confuse the hell out of me... but it kept me interested the entire way through, even though I had no idea what was happening. For that, I vote 5... and I decide to watch the first ep. lol