2d Air Hockey

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This is a simple air hockey game. May need some work, but I felt it fun for a little while... :)


Good hockey game but it would be more interesting if the medium game was more involved.It's too slow and you can win very easlly like in the first game. Then you go into the 3rd and it's crazy so you lose. There should be a better build up before you get to the final game which is called Awesome. Other then that, it's alot of fun.

Its an OK game.

Well the music fits well with it. The game is plain and simple I found my mouse going over the puck and the puck not moving sometimes. Personally its a bit to bland for me.

It's alright

Only way to play this is on "awesome". The other modes are so slow it's boring.

Idea is good, everyone likes air hockey!

On awesome mode it's kinda fun to try an hit the disk when it moves at manic speeds. Game-wise it gets a bit boring though, as it's pretty random and the music started to bug me too.

It's a neat idea, I remember a fun air hockey mini game in Beyond Good & Evil...
This one doesn't have a life-span as long as that one did... Someone should do flash game based on that mini game...

ok but glitchy

some times the cursor would roll over the putt but apart from that it was ok. maybe a music choice and background choice next time though.

Not Bad

The controls are a bit sticky and the goals are a little larger than a normal air hockey game, but otherwise it's pretty decent.

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2.99 / 5.00

Oct 8, 2008
1:13 AM EDT
Action - Other