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445 kb. plz be patient



that was good! Well... I wish I hadn't read the reviews first because i was waiting to be scared shitless and it didn't happen. It's still good, though, I love the style. The music seems a bit out of place but that actually adds to the feel of the movie, makes it a little eerie. ggod work.

Arggh Scared the shit outta me!

Well, I was watching this at 12:25 on my own, and I like it, very atmospheric, and with a good climax! Good thing she didn't move or I would have shat myself! Well done! :-)

ghastly 3d

I wasn't really creeped out by this picture,that could be because I've seen it many many times in the past though, and a know it's not real.....Take a look at it with 3d glasses on.

I hate tomatoes, I hate to eat tomatoes Ahhhhhhaaiiiiiaaaaaa
/ \

Excellent Work

Although it was put together mainly of images, i thought the movie was extremely stylish. I disagree with the current score it is getting and feel this movie deserves alot better.
The music gave the movie that certain scary feel to it, and when the girl appeared i was shocked.
1 thing that could of made it better would be a replay button at the end of the movie but
overall an excellent animation and i believe the Portal could do with more content like this.

outstanding,,,,,one of the best I've seen

Had to watch it twice ,the music fit right in with the whole scheme of things.Not all that come here will apprecite this but it don't matter the ones who know.

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2.76 / 5.00

Aug 14, 2000
5:10 AM EDT