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Dumb Laws: Australia

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half of these are ONES ARE WTF!!

kk enjoy the vid

EDIT: i took away the music and put a warning in and also i decreased the flash size from 5 mb to 42 kb lol WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!



I'm Australian.

I can safely tell you that virtually none of these 'laws' apply. They look like they are from a history site. Taxis need hay (for horses obviously, used lots of horses ages ago) and long swimsuits (that was a requirement in US too about 60+ years ago). You've seem to of gottten all these laws from an old history site for sure.

The fact that you are trying to pass off some 100 year old laws as current is really silly, since the internet is a global community and any Australian can tell you that all the 'funny' laws in this Flash are 50 years outdated at least. When Australia had laws like this, so did the rest of the world.

For those of you still skeptical about Australia, here is another fun fact. HDI (Human Development Index) is a measure used to determine how developed and good to live in a country is, here is an article about it on Wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_De velopment_Index . Australia is 3rd, America is 12th. 'nuff said.

Since this entire Flash was just text with these laws, you really don't have anything else since the laws a crap. You earn a 'fail'.

I'll give you a 1 because the map of Australia in the icon is infact Australia, well done.

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tomashcu responds:

i know i am australian and none of these are true i reckon the site i got them off were just a bunch of liers


you just need to work on the timing, I couldnt read everything cause it went away to fast.

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tomashcu responds:

ooh sorry man yeah ok ill wwrk on that

Well that was whack.

If those things are infact true, good job finding them.
But you should have considered a better way to introduce them in flash animation.
Lets say have satiric images displaying what's wrong with each crazy law.
And the music was annoying.
Still, I lolled at the laws. Or "LAWLS?"

tomashcu responds:

yeah most were WTF!! asi said beofore


These are not Australian laws. Maybe it was so in the early nineteen hundreds, but certainly not now.

-2 stars for false information
-1 stars fir crap music
-1 star for an unnecessarily large file size
-2 stars for an uninteresting flash
-3 stars for Crap presentation and a lack of effort

Don't rely completely on the internet for information. There are many Australian web users who would gladly tell you that most said laws are false.


tomashcu responds:

yeah i know i only want a flash that has passed judgement

Another great performance!

I lmao'd throughout the entire thing! Great job!

tomashcu responds:


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Oct 7, 2008
8:10 AM EDT