Inpossible Maze

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This mouse avoid er is really hard and it IS impossible so don't think you can beat it cos you probably cant


Sorry but flash wasn't meant for you

Not entertaining.
Not a good design.
And just not good.

nice try

not many people remember to take out the element of left clicking, but you did, and it is quite hard to finish

Trilliams responds:

yes well i would but i just don no how if someone could help that would help that would be grat so thanks for the reveiw


This is not even a maze at all...
The first 2 levels were fine, but the laters l;evels were a mess!!


In the later levels you cannot tell wether to go one way or the other, and you are forced back to the beggining each time, this game does not deserve to be on NG, but keep making, as you have potential

Trilliams responds:

Well it is supposed to be the impossible maze and your not supposed to finish it thats why its called the impossible maze.

You can right-click all the way through this.

Change the drop-down menu so that there's no Forward option. Other than that, pretty good game for a first try at a mouse avoider game.

Trilliams responds:

Im not sure how to so yeah if you can send me an action script to help that would be great

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1.50 / 5.00

Oct 7, 2008
6:00 AM EDT
Skill - Avoid