Jungle Squares

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At any given position there's a single opening in the "board". Click on any square directedly above, below, or beside the opening, and it will move into the open space. Rearrange the tiles so they are in numerical order, and only the bottom right space is left open.

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Well done

The artwork is very good, I like the dark theme. Im left wondering why HorrorOfHell didn't notice the mute button. Perhaps he does not know what a music symbol looks like? At any rate, this is well made. It could use some improvements in the actual gameplay however. It is a puzzle but perhaps something could be done to speed it up a bit. A block speed increase, a few effects, and maybe some sort of special blocks would make this an incredible game. Good job.

Nice take on an old school puzzle game.

Simple but done right.

Excellent presentation of an old puzzle.

It's an old puzzle, and a simple one. You could have spiced it up with harder versions (non-rectangular grids or using the entire alphabet come to mind). Some sort of satisfying click plus background change (maybe a glow, or the birds flying off) would have been a fairly simple addition that would have added a lot to gameplay -- the reward is everything.
But this is a very nice presentation. Good textures, nice art, nice menu, good atmospheric and gameplay sounds. Well done.

eh.. boring

This is nothing unique, and its not fun. The first problem I had was there was no music off option, every game with sound needs a mute. The blocks were boring, couldn't you spice them up a bit? More color? Maybe special effects when the piece is being moved, and when its in the right spot. Because really thats all you can do to improce this.

An interesting and great puzzle game.

This game is great and very enjoyable. Confusing and challenging this is what a puzzle game should be like.

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Oct 7, 2008
1:07 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other