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I just uploaded this so i can hopefully get some more ideas and feedback going from you guys and if i use your idea i will put your name in credits and all that so thanks for your help!

Thanks all and hope you enjoy what there is so far i know it's not much : )

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Agree with the review below, no need for another snake game.
However, if you really want to make a snake game, think outside the square, add interesting ideas. Have a theme?
You get the idea. :D

Feedback includes:

Holy shit that was loud.
Also, do we really need a snake game?
Make something unique, Christ.

Glitched up.

The turns werent smooth which should be fixed. When I was turning some of my snake parts hit the others and just killed me. There was some blue snake peices
that spawned outside of the playing ring. Power ups can include time slow downs
speed boosts and other different power ups. The red can spawn mines and many other things. Anyway just some ideas maybe some music in tehre as well.

It's got a couple bugs...

The biggest one I noticed was that I would randomly get a game over without doing anything against the rules. That needs to be fixed.
As for ideas...I would add something to do with speed. Have one color of orb speed up gameplay and one slow it down. Add that on top of everything you've got.

All in all though, currently it's at about a 2/5

Oh, the original snakes game!

It has the great good ole' gameplay of the Snakes I know and love. The controls are really slick, but the collision detection is really rough and precise. The slick controls maybe contribute to this, but I love the controls and response. There needs to be some more innovations, possibly some more bells and jingles. The background being recycled from the previous game (You can see the contents from your last game) is an interesting idea, but it'll get annoying later on. Maybe you should add a feature to "clear the board"? Nice game I suppose.

ir0N-H3aD responds:

yeah i already did :) sry about that

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1.93 / 5.00

Oct 7, 2008
12:30 AM EDT
Skill - Collect