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Resize your shots to shoot falling bombs. 'A' increases the size of your shot while 'D' decreases it. Numerous powerups you can hit in the game. Read full game instructions for more information.

Your shot must be bigger than blue bombs to kill them. Your shot must be smaller than green bombs to kill them. Your shot must be about the same size as the black bombs to kill them. Read instructions on powerups.

Yes, all black bombs are kill-able, sometimes you have to be very precise in resizing.

Sorry, guys, I uploaded it with the wrong dimensions specified, this has been fixed, please revote.

Does the "play" button not work for anyone? Its worked on every computer I've check it from.

Okay, I made the bomber slower or decreased the pace they gain speed at.


No skill

There is no way to judge whether to increase or decrease the size after playing only 3 minutes. It was simply a matter of shooting all the time and pressing the inc. and dec. buttons like crazy. It got supahboring way too fast for a good idea.

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I like the idea a lot

But the bombs come at you so fast, there is almost no time to adjust the size of your shot. If the bombs moved just a little bit slower, the game would be great. I don't mind a challenge, but this feels impossible to succeed at.

Archbob responds:

Well, the bombs get faster and faster, there's not an end to this game but I've adjusted the speed some now

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4.11 / 5.00

Oct 6, 2008
3:34 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed