Ring Avoider 2

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Well... Hope you like this game...

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Opening facts//

-As where this game is a good game, I must say that I have played a different form of this game in which you use the arrow keys to move. This game has one mode more than the other, however there were let downs in comparison in this game.


~Lagged, didn't follow the mouse instantly.

~Simple to learn and master.

~Not laptop friendly.

-( Audio )-

~You have a mute button.

~You have ok music.

~You do not have a music selection.

~You can not unmute the music.

~There are no sound affects for getting the rings.


~There is no plot.

~There are two modes, survival, and time attack. I like the fact that you have multiple modes, you should add more.

~There is no pause button nor option. So obviously there is no pause menu, meaning there is no reset menu, meaning you are doomed to play time attack mode and lose your score if you want to refresh instead of wait it out.

~You have a guide and credits, excellent.


~Simple colored rings, nothing wrong with it.


-Add powerups and time modifiers.

-Add a plot.

-Add goals.

-Add a button to enable music, preferably in the pause menu.

-Give priority rings, for example, make it so you can't get a yellow ring, before getting a red ring, or something like that.

That's all I have to say, have fun making a new game.

Good game :D

it really fun, smoother and the last one, includes a timer and a challenge thingy (which i haven't seen before :D)

Askindorn responds:


:D Awesome!

Very fun and simple game for when your bored.

Askindorn responds:


simple but gooood

the simple things are always the best...and funny!!! :))
I had alot of fun and good times with this one! good work man

Askindorn responds:



Interesting game. Simple, easy to play.
The only problem is that, after some time, the game is less funny.
Maybe I'd improve the graphics, but perphaps this is not the idea of the creator.

Askindorn responds:

Thanks for the suggestions!

Credits & Info

4.33 / 5.00

Oct 6, 2008
3:25 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid