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music euphoria

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Flow through the music stream lighting stars along the way. This is the first casual game I've created (the point isn't to win or lose... just have fun with it, score high if you want) and it is based on the game Rez.

Hope you guys enjoy this experimental musical experience.

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Just clicking on balls, there is no danger, just clicking green balls

I liked that the song of storms was at the end... it was quite relaxing and the scenery kind of reminded me of electroplankton...


this is awesome it must have been fun making it :) when the second song came on i started thinking "what the? why is a miku hatsune song on here?" anybody else think that?

Too cool for school!

I give this 8 raving gypsies out of ten!
Whereas it is very good and unique, it still could've been done a bit better. Sound quality is excellent and the music is nice on the ears. The lack of game modes however is a bit dissappointing. I understand what you did but you could've made a Competition Mode and a Free Mode at the very least.
Any chance we might see a sequel in the future at some point?

4th Song

Difficult to get used to. Especially with a super sensitive mouse. The last song, To correct a previous post. Is the Windmill Song. From Ocarina of Time, Originally. Or..At least thats where you learn it. Its also known as the Song of Storms.