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MASTERMIND: WORLD CONQUEROR - Manage your minions, defend your base, and conquer this puny planet ONCE AND FOR ALL!


WARNING: For assistance in figuring out what to do next, click the Help button for options at the top of the game screen, or click the Question Mark buttons in each of your rooms for further explanation.

This is the first game I have ever developed from scratch and programmed myself on top of all game visuals, so I do truly hope you enjoy my six months of efforts in bringing you this game. It wouldn't have been the same without the unrivaled vocal talents of TomaMoto, as well as Andy Dennis, Egoraptor, Suzy (Egoraptor's better half), Tom Fulp, Rinachan, Afro-Ninja, Luis Prieto, Toonimated, and of course myself as the Mastermind ;) Who could forget that?

So go conquer the world already! GOOD LUCK, YOU'LL NEED IT.



Infinite Attack Bug - Your base continues to flash "Under Attack" even though you've survived all attacking enemies. This prevents your game from saving and your units from healing. Currently, the only way to fix is to return to the menu and Continue from your previous checkpoint, or Evacuate your base for another (which, unfortunately, will lose the base you are evacuating, but at least your progress will be saved).

Turret No-Target Bug - A targetting glitch causes turrets to target enemies they cannot see, preventing them from attacking enemies that come close to them. This glitch resolves itself after you've cleared the checkpoint.

Tutorial Freeze - Should be fixed now. If not, starting a New Game will reset the tutorial for you.


Do you want to be Mastermind?

Do you want to be the head of an evil empire?

It is not easy, but you get minions to do your dirty work while enjoy your cheesy snacks... I guess it IS easy for you.
...or is it?

Recruit and manage your loyal but disposable minions. Hire patsies and entrust them the success of your missions, then kill them if you feel the aren't useful enough. Choose your #2 , which may be even a pair of boobs with legs. Put your minions to work, earn money, then kill them and hire new minions with the same money. You can do whatever you want, because you are evil, but remember, world is watching you (but not for long).

Mastermind WC(*resists the urge to do a pun*) can get a little repetitive towards the end, but it is completely worth playing.

Bug: After you finish the game, if you begin a new game, enemies will start coming endlessly, even before you base is officially attacked

"Destroying is conquering. It's true. I looked it up."

Great Game

I don't know if you have ever played the PC game "Evil Genius" but this is a game with a fraction of its classic geniusness. Even if you did rip off the idea, I believe that doing so would be appropriate considering the fact that the series is about an evil "Mastermind".

So what I love about this game type is the power of controlling the world, and all the time getting better at it. I LOVE the humor put into this and have always enjoyed the Mastermind movies.

4/5, 8/10 because:
*Positive: Great Graphics
*Positive: Possibley original game style
*Positive: Replayablity = good
*Positive: Freaking addictive! A great aspect to have in a game!
*Positive: Relativity to the series
*Positive: Many different things to do (patsies, henchmen, upgrades, weps etc.)
*Neutral: Fluid, but a fluid with a bit of chunks of food in it.
*Neutral: Nice movies - gives a good sense of story, but ruins the fluidity (real word?) of the game.
*Negative: Could have used different henchmen instead (or as well) of different weapons. This lets the player know that he/she is actually using something else to take down the tanks/aircraft.
*Negative: Although the turret limit was appropriate, I would have appreciated being able to place them on my own as if it were similar to a tower defense game.
*Negative: I just couldn't figure out how to get a new #2 person. I don't think "Help" helped.
*Negative: I felt that there was a lack of significance with upgrades and mission purpose.

With all those in mind, the positives out weigh the negatives. Not perfect, but still a great game!

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Love it

I like these kind of management games for some reason. I think it gives me a sense of power. Anyways, this is a great game, very in depth, and only a few options that I can think of are missing. I wish you could create your henchpeoples uniforms, and I wish there were more missions. Overall, it doesnt suck.

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I'm Batman's enemy, but where is he?

Do you know what I would like to see? I would like to see a game where you play as a strange cousin to the Riddler, where you run around accomplishing various tasks and becoming infamous. As your power increases, all your efforts go into building a gigantic doomsday device in the shape of an ancient grandfather clock only for Batman to ruin your plans because you forgot to strap him into your overly elaborate slow moving death machine, whereupon he evades capture, leaving you to do this all again next weekend. But mankind has yet to recognize my brilliance which is also the name I have in mind for this dream. And this game comes pretty close to my dream.

After accomplishing my first few self-set tasks, I felt like someone who would invite the Riddler around for a cup of tea. The dialogue is witty, the cutscenes are amusing though their entertainment value eventually wears thin, but you can skip them which is another plus in my book.

Also, although it gets harder, it doesn't get so hard that people will think if quitting because they can't work out how to save themselves. And seeing as every territory has something to lend in defeating you, it's possible to work these things out. Furthermore, the fact each base has its own little bonuses means that you really have to think about where to go next.

But on the subject of bases, how do flamethrowers work on the moon? I thought they would have been unavailable due to the fact there's no oxygen to burn. Also it gets a bit repetitive after a while. You're just grinding the same missions over and over again, for money, or some other purpose to help you advance through the tech tree. And what's with the leveling system? I'd save it for an RPG rather than a game like this.

But hey. Any game that makes you the Riddler's friend is fun. The main thing I dislike is the lack of Batman.

Like it, though a couple problems

Well, down a point for the Infinite Attack Bug, obviously. That aside, this is an awesome game.

Big note: the Moonbase should be later in the game (like, oh, 4th/5th tier science and cost $50k+), owing to how well defended it is. (No armor or air means you can just use flamethrowers and other anti-infantry weapons, oh, and you don't need to mess with Asia.) Still the best place to kill the world from, of course.

Oh. And when you kill the world from the moonbase, why are you still floating out in the void? I mean, you've still got the moon...(Nitpick. ^_^)

Wouldn't mind seeing an expansion/sequel where you have to do more than just doomsday, though!

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Oct 5, 2008
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