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Mastermind: WC

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MASTERMIND: WORLD CONQUEROR - Manage your minions, defend your base, and conquer this puny planet ONCE AND FOR ALL!


WARNING: For assistance in figuring out what to do next, click the Help button for options at the top of the game screen, or click the Question Mark buttons in each of your rooms for further explanation.

This is the first game I have ever developed from scratch and programmed myself on top of all game visuals, so I do truly hope you enjoy my six months of efforts in bringing you this game. It wouldn't have been the same without the unrivaled vocal talents of TomaMoto, as well as Andy Dennis, Egoraptor, Suzy (Egoraptor's better half), Tom Fulp, Rinachan, Afro-Ninja, Luis Prieto, Toonimated, and of course myself as the Mastermind ;) Who could forget that?

So go conquer the world already! GOOD LUCK, YOU'LL NEED IT.



Infinite Attack Bug - Your base continues to flash "Under Attack" even though you've survived all attacking enemies. This prevents your game from saving and your units from healing. Currently, the only way to fix is to return to the menu and Continue from your previous checkpoint, or Evacuate your base for another (which, unfortunately, will lose the base you are evacuating, but at least your progress will be saved).

Turret No-Target Bug - A targetting glitch causes turrets to target enemies they cannot see, preventing them from attacking enemies that come close to them. This glitch resolves itself after you've cleared the checkpoint.

Tutorial Freeze - Should be fixed now. If not, starting a New Game will reset the tutorial for you.



Hey Swain! Geeky here, just dropping by to say that I loved playing the betas and found no real issues playing through this game for many hours...

now its time fir my oh-so-special-review!


lets get my one small little grip out of the way, an option to skip the intro when you start a new game, and thats about it. To those who are complaining about a non-functioning game, do consider upgrading your bucket of scraps you call a computer. A P3 does not cut it anymore, upgrade instead of bitching about it. and on an even smaller note, the cut scenes voices didn't match up... but taking into consideration the time spent on this and the amount of effort, that's a little thing that does not need to be worried baout in the least.

on to the game itself!

the beginning is fun, and I had a fun time holding up stores, banks, and even kidnapping!

Then it got fun, fighting tanks, oversized goons with tanks and then those wretched helicopters who love ot eat up my minions. yum yum.
the ending was neat to, getting to blow stuff up pleases me on many levels.

To sum this little comment up, I say that I spent several hours playing the final version, and I will return and keep playing.

This is the one-in-a-million flash game that I can willingly sit down and play again and again and enjoy it for all its worth!

Swain, those 6 monhts of work put into this have paid off in full!

Your friend, Geeky

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this game is terrific, all the features in this game are great, except for the bugs, but i nerver expirienced one of them. there is one thing i hated, i played the game and reached level 4, but i couldn't continuo from that piont. butt still i am going to play it again, and finish it of.

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Awesome! :D

A really good game, you should be proud! Exept for one ting... It crashed internet on my dad's computer. Okay, my dad's computer isin't the very best, but there should be someting to decrease or increase quality. If there is one, then ignore my comment.


And I love pressing the furious button (in the end)..

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I love it.

Despite all the bugs, the gameplay is very good. I do love the snappy comments from the henchmen.

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