Meat Boy

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This is NOT Super Meat Boy!

Its simply the flash prototype that Super Meat Boy was based off of.
SMB, will play very differently and is 100% new.. what im saying is if you even slightly enjoy the prototype, you will LOVE SMB!

for more info on Super Meat Boy check out supermeatboy.com

-Team Meat


I like the idea of the game but it's way too difficult

What a start for such a glorious game

This is a really great game. I've been saving up for Super Meat Boy on my Wii U (Thanks Team Meat for putting it on Wii U) and this is a great way to spend some time when i'm bored. My favorite part of this game has to be the level editor. I've made countless courses for Meat Boy to run in, and it makes the game enjoyable when you're having rages in Chapter 3.

There's almost no need for improvement on this game, it's perfect. Thanks for making this game!

The game is funny, obiusly, super meat boy fix ALL the error of the meat boy

What you doing reading this? go to buy super meat boy

I love this game. My son has recently gotten onto my Xbox 360 and purchased SMB without permission, (Damn tech savvy 5 year olds.) and I want to thank you guys for all of the hard work you did. I would also like to tell you off a little for how difficult, and addicting, the game is. We can sit and play that thing for hours. Luckily school starts again soon and I will have it to myself.

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4.41 / 5.00

Oct 5, 2008
2:29 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other