Particle toy v2

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This is a little particle toy I made on flash to sort of imitate the bullet showers from danmaku games(aka extra super hard shmups(aka shoot em ups)), even though the result wasn't what I wanted to, it turned out to be ok.
The screen is poorly designed, yes, but it does its work.
Mess with the numbers to see different patterns
V2: Added color changer, glow toggle, instructions, and particle speed from center.
There is no music.
For instructions, put mouse over the little '?'.

Some patterns:
533 3 50 1 1
44 4 200 20 1
543 3 60 2 1
796.96 4 150 2 1
796.96 4 150 1 1

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This is soooooooooooooo freaking fun! These are some of my cards if I'm a Touhou character (got this from TonkyTonkyTonka xD)

33 3 1 199 23: Nuerowave
223 4 43 19 5: Water Blade
21 4 122 19 2: Star Flash
13 0 134 3 9: Gyro Star
130 5 133 4 4: Nuero Beam
Nice job :D

One of my spellcards if I'm a touhou Character

Reflecting Beam "Eternal Circle"
33 3 150 2 1
Doesn't look like a Reflecting Circle much.
Overall nice job.


This may not be much, but I found it really fun. After playing around a bit, I came up with 180 0 10 8 3, color light green, which is really beautiful. Increase the second value to 60 and it gets kinda crazy. Anyway, thanks for making this, and for including the instructions (they were pretty clear, and I'd be lost without them).

Quite nice for a simulator!

This was a promising program when I found it on the search sheet, and I must say, this is an impressive simulator of a danmaku. May I add the suggestion of a player to dodge the simulations?

Animequis responds:

Actually I'm not working on that anymore. :(

Still OK!

Good idea on the showers experimenting with speed, radians, center and speed...
At least you took in the suggestion of putting in the instructions sheet, now everything gets clearer now!!

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4.14 / 5.00

Oct 5, 2008
1:47 AM EDT
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