HowToDraw:Castle Crashers

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this is something i decided to do after looking at ALL of the submissions in the castle crashers collection.

in this tutorial, you will hopefully learn how to draw a fairly decent castle crasher. I find it fairly simple, but then i made it. I wonder if any of you people actually wanted to draw castle crashers, or if it was something random that popped into your head, either way, hope this tutorial helps you.

yes if you cant be bothered just copy my work, and give me credit later lol.
on other notes, there is a gallery, which is intended for anyone who wants to contribute, while i would advise against copying these ones, it will probably be done.
i myself have contributed, even if you think a few arent castle crashers'y, at least they are still themed after it XD.

have fun guys! and get bored. XD

if you want to contribute to the gallery, get it to me somehow XD
i suppose the newgrounds messaging system? 0_0

<edit> i have found that my edited preloader doesnt work on ng, wierd O_O
anyway, for now right click and click play :/
<<edit>> probably going to take it down soon and remodel it, if i am not lazy :P
<<<edit>>> there should be a tutorial on profile now too. also, due to digita's question, i am working on how to add a weapon to your dude (any weapon! yeah!) in the profile extra
<<<<edit>>>> the extras section is done
<<<<<edit>>>>> added a 'skip this stuff' button, in case the preloader doesnt work on your computer,(it doesnt work on ng on mine, but works fine in flash 8 O_O). it will probably need time so the coding loads.doesnt seem to work, but ive added instructions.
<<<<<<edit>>>>>> the preloaders working now? O_O

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o_0 its a little weird I don't want to brag or be mean but I draw better and I don't really like it but it is decent a for effort-_-



Your versions of the castle crashers look pretty crapy. They don't have long arms, or long legs. they have short stubby legs, and decent sized arms. and the head, there eyes aren't wide circles, they are half-oval shaped and have a angry eyebrow look to them. Knight helmet eye slots aren't circles...I do draw much better than you.

i draw better

i can make a better sword then that :P

very good start-off drawing

Im wanting to be one of those people who sell art they made from their computer, and this really helped XD 10/10

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Oct 4, 2008
4:26 PM EDT