Mario Ninja Dattebayo Ep1

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Mario and Luigi have a problem and they need money to solve this problem so they join THE GREAT MUSHROOM SHIKEN to win the 1000000 coins prize, but they are not alone. The other players want the prize too, like Sonic, Wario, Bowser.

PS: I'll remake that episode, that wasn't the same thing tha I think it would be I'll change somethings and I'll cut some parts of th movie, the video will not be short but will have more action and it would be more dynamic, I just need some time, don't know how much but it will be better. The history will change a lot.

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In response to PKforce323....

Agreed. If you were to be more original, I think this series would be a great hit here on Newgrounds... just look over what you have planned next and think of something on your own. If you can't, well, think harder.

On the other side, the animation was very well done in comparison to what a lot of people post as a sprite animation. It definitely is no where near SMBZ... yet... it's only the first episode, so I can't tell much right now. I can't wait to see action sequences from you, you seem like the right kind of animator for them!

For encouragement, 4/5. However, do not expect me to take you so lightly on the next episode. I will be on the look out! >.<

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Pretty good!!

Its pretty good but needs some adjustments
just saying if u r trying 2 make the characters like naruto characters
(which i know u are)
just to say sonics personailite is absolutly Not even close to lees personality but
as long as ur not making there personilties like the naruto ppl Id say its ok
I dont make games and movies myself but i know alot about them
anyways Im counting on u to make a great sieries and hope you have lots of fun making the sieries. Have fun!

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Cough COPY cough

Very similiar to Super Mario Bros Z ep 1.

The background was a bit rubbish, and some of the sprites (Waluigi) were terrible.

All that aside, not bad. If you're going to do something in the similair vein of another popular flash, its going to get overshadowed easily. People are going to judge it based on the orginial, and even though this isn't bad, it isn't as good compared to the work of A_E.

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It is a good idea but...........................

I have some suggestions to make this video series better.

1. It is sort of a rip on SMBZ ep 1, like how it starts with a race.
2. What is with this sudden combination between Mario and Sonic.
3. kick the Koopa Bros. they are filler charcters really.
4.Needs to be longer .
5.I think Bowser Jr. needs a role (use ML PIT Baby bowser)
6.You could add another series so it does not loook like SMBZ (like Rayman).
7.Sorry, but please if your are trying to be Alvin Earthworm just quit.

P.S. May I help you with finding, creating, and improving sprites.

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An Episodic Failure

Everything but the animation was terrible. The sound could have been better, most of the sprites were bad, and Wraith2000 is right, it does basically knock-off Super Mario Bros. Z #1, not totally a knock-off but pretty close. So, you get 3/5 5/10.

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3.97 / 5.00

Oct 4, 2008
11:32 AM EDT
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