World On Fire

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A small game based on a mixture of genres (memory. puzzle quest. rpg battle.

Sorta experimental, but it turned out to be a nice little game :)
Let me know how to improve this

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Nothing Special

Its a unique concept but it really doesn't pull together all that well. A memory game turn based RPG? Not really working for me. The combat is just the same thing over, and over and gets boring quickly. More of a memory chore than a game.

good but..

good concept for a game but there is one thing could you fix the bug that you cant click on the boxes XD

Beta type.

It looks like it COULD be really good, but there's a few problems.

First, and foremost, there seems to be a glitch where I can't click on certain boxes. I click on them, and a it makes a sound, like when you click something you aren't able to activate yet. I can fix it by either hitting tab (many times) and then enter when I reach the right box, or click one that I CAN and then the ones I CAN'T. It seems to "re-activate" them. You might wanna look into that one first.

There's also another glitch: sometimes clicking a box makes it flip and reveal, and then quickly flip back. It's pretty weird.

Aside from the glitches, the only problem is the lack of save points. The game is really hard, but the main reason is the glitches, so I can't adequately tell you what I think yet. I'll vote 9 so I don't mess up the average.


it was pretty good i think... :)


Note: The 'violence' and 'humor' scores have little (if anything) to do with how good a game is... They are only there because they used to be in the sub-scores and are only a measure of how much violence and humor there is to be had in the game (if any). Also, the sub-score 'interactivity' has been replaced with 'gameplay'...


In the words of Ben Crowshaw; bored, bored, bored, eyestrain...

Graphics: 4/10 (Poor): The graphics are pleasant enough to look at, if rather uninspired, but the solid pastel colours tend to come across as garish rather than pretty and the graphics really don't do all that much for me...

Style: 4/10 (Poor): First the bugs: The main screen has a tendency to lag for no apparent reason, even though I'm running a mid-range dual core with nothing but a few idle web pages, a folder and Notepad running in the background and often if you click on another tile too quickly after making a match (which can happen when you start frantically matching trying to built one particular bar up) the card will instantly flip back down again, which is annoying at the best of times and can result in the effects of 'scan' tiles being cancelled (as the effect of the bug dominos over all tiles flipped up by 'scan')... As for the aesthetic 'style', I guess the package more-or-less comes together, with most of the game having a sort of 'chibi' feel to it, except for the music which doesn't match the game's seemingly light-hearted feel and the whole thing just leaves me cold for some reason... No emotional reactions whatsoever... Not even a 'damn, that bug is crippling'... Yea, even this game's bugs are mediocre... I could also mention the author's apparently MEDIOCRE(!) understand of English grammar... It's so yawn worthy, really...

Sound: 2/10 (bad): I was debating wether to give this category a 2 or a 3, but the incredible repetitiveness of the music pushed it over the line... Not only is the music about as repetitive as they come, but it sounds pretty horrible (particularly the bizarre staticy 'chime' that continually plays in the background of the in-game music) and the main menu music doesn't fit with the (seemingly) overall light-hearted tone of the game... The music is bad, not stonkingly bad, just bad... As for the sound effects, they mostly sound like generic, poor quality povo sound effects you'd find packaged with Microsoft Powerpoint... And what's with the sound effect when you flip up a tile that sort of sounds like the love child of a typewriter and a slide projector?

Violence: 0/10 (no violence): None to speak of...

Gameplay (2/10) (bad): The only way to make a matching game 'good' is to make it a peaceful, relaxing experience, which this game fails to do... Without that, it's just matching, and not particularly good or challenging matching at that... The RPG combat element almost feels needlessly tacked on... I mean, why do two of the element types (water and fire) do virtually the same thing, and why isn't the 'air' element represented? Other than that, the gameplay is boring and repetitive in the extreme... You do the same damn thing over and over again facing slightly bigger fireballs and wearing slightly less mundane costumes each time... There's just... absolutely no fun to be had here at all... However, it's at least playable and the combat system, whilst bland and with an unfinished feel to it, does work, but I was THAT close to giving this score (and the overall game) a 1...

Humor: 0/10 (none to speak of).

Overall (2/10) Bad: This game's not utterly broken and it is playable, but that's ALL it is... The gameplay is terribly generic, it sounds bad and its aesthetic is both decidedly average and decidedly uninspired... Worst of all, it isn't fun in the least... I tell you, writing this review is more fun than playing this game...

*Sigh* Another day, another generic piece of dull nothing-more-than-playable dross shat out of some uninspired flash author's arse...

Want my advice? Save yourself the time and don't bother with this one...

Credits & Info

3.19 / 5.00

Oct 4, 2008
5:02 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other