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The beta for a game im working on, Flash Pong

Flash pong is classic pong with a flashy twist.


Flash Pong is NOT intended for people prone to seizurese, epilepsy or any other seizure related problems, if this is you. DO NOT play.

Flash Pong at present features 2 modes:

1 PLAYER: The player must pong it out against a very tough AI controlled paddle, Scores are awarded for hitting the ball, extra points for scoring. When player is scored against, he/she loses 1 life and 1 point, and the feild is reset for another set.
The game ends when player runs out of lives

2 PLAYER: player and their friend play against each other, scores are awarded for touching the ball, extra for scoring. The game ends when one player's lives are up.

I just thought id submit this to see what people think, coz i dont wanna waste my time if its crappy.

The BETA V2 should feature the following:
sound button
more random flashes

time trial
powerups (POSSIBLY)

so anyway, let me know what you think ;)


The following has been added to V2 (released tomorrow)-
more background images
Slower paddles (AI and player)
slightly slower ball

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It could have been good!

I know there is a warning about it....
But long term play, sorry, you can't possibly do so, the flashes in the game is one irritating, two hurting to the eyes...!!

Otherwise, the idea was quite good....
If you want the colours, i rather suggest you put some moving enemies inside, isn't that much better??

Continue making the game better!!

ODD-1 responds:

i dont get you as far as "making enemies"

But ill definately try some clours :D

are you ment to win?

you made the computers speed the same as the ball so you cant win. . .

ODD-1 responds:

it can be done, but at this point is extremely hard

That was just fixed


Maybe some color would help.
I also dislike how the AI always hits the ball the same way. It never seemed to hit it straight down or anything. I also believe the original Pong's ball started to gain a significant amount of speed every time it came in contact with the paddles.

A few possibilities; You could change the patterns of the background strobing black and white areas with other types black and white patterns. Checker board that scrolls and spins might be nice.

ODD-1 responds:

thanks for the input ;)

In the description it says in fixign the background btw :D

my eyes!

that hurt my eyes and wasnt y fun

ODD-1 responds:

k thanks


good start

While some of the background effects are cool, it is VERY easy to lose the ball in the "flashing ball background". Try a different color for the ball than the background.

ODD-1 responds:

yeah, im working on that, part of the challenge is the fact that you lose the ball

But thanks :D

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Oct 3, 2008
10:48 PM EDT
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