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Elektric Drawingz 3

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Well hello, fellow Newgrounders!

I am updating this description because this flash was recently added to the Gadgets section and I'd like to say a big THANK YOU!! to everyone for that.

A few small things: Some people have a bug where they cannot draw - try press CLEAR and then drawing. I've also heard changing the quality will help, but I cannot see why this would be.

Also anyone saying "I wish I could save..", I have released a new version (I won't link, just check my profile if you are interested) that features saving and loading and is just much sexier.

Thanks and enjoy! I will respond to any interesting reviews :)

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Electric boobs


Electric Cocks!

Cool game!

If you cover up te whole screen, you should refresh about twice.

The world's best time waster!!

Before I knew it, a half hour was gone...

then another half hour...

Super addicting, and unlimited creativity makes for an awesome game.


yea its not good idea to type 99 in everything then bloob out everything i thought to myself ill do this then press refresh then it will be gone i thought wrong lol