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Like money and driving? Great! We need a getaway driver. Earn points, hire specialists, upgrade your van - and go do crimes!


this is great

i love this game so much, its not hard at all it is definetely one of the funnest games on newgrounds.

I love this game!

at the beginning I was a little pissed that I came out of the first level practically penniless but after unlocking everything and playing through again I've been able to rake up bonuses of over 40,000 points! and managed to pull in 512,000 from the last level! I can't wait for a sequel! this got me hooked and I still like it! it may seem like something that would be repettitive but it's not! good job!

Could be good

But it is not. Same thing over and over, and like some people said by the time you get to the middle or farther in the level you either have under 20,000 credits or none. Its not that the game is hard but that even when the cops hit a car without any assistance from the player, you lose money. I was noticing a steady decline in my credit as the cops behind me were hitting cars as I raced away. If you can fix that then you will probably have a better game.

Some people are complaining this game is too hard.

But in fact it isn't that hard if you can control your own hand eye coordination.

I admit that the highway is pretty cluttered but once you pick up on where to jump and how to avoid crashing your truck into things it can be pretty rewarding to watch your armored car weave in and out of traffic.

I didn't really notice too much of a difference with the various speed upgrades or the armor upgrades unless it was the very last upgrade compared to having no upgrade at all.

My only real complaint is that that 'smasher' takes credits away when you hit things with it - not cool!

Otherwise, it's a fun time waster- unless you suck.


At first I thought this game was going to be fun but it turned out to be a wreck, the money your "suppose" to gain is high but by the time you even to get to the middle of the level, you have nothing, zip nadda , the reason is that every time I hit a pavilion car, even tapped it, I last a good $200, it wouldn't be bad except half of the street in taken up by these so there's no way to earn cash. The other problem is that the police are suppose to earn you more cash, especially if they crash or explode, you'll earn around $400 except once again if you tapped that police man and they hit a pavilion or explode with up to three other cars, that bonus was completely useless. Lastly, the game play is repetitive, all you really do is drive forward avoiding the numerous pavilion cars, there's no main storyline or anything special.
Overall, if your expecting this game to be a GTA flash, go back to the flash portal and look again since this game is a complete waste of time and living.

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4.09 / 5.00

Oct 3, 2008
5:58 PM EDT
Adventure - Other