Shamoozal: GFGames #4

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edit: Thank you very much for the front!
Also, you can download the HD version for playback on your 360 or PS3 at:
www.shamoozal.com/Sodes/1 04.htm

This is our fourth entry into the GFGames series. We took the summer off, but we're back in the swing of things now.

This one in particular was interesting because I worked on nearly the entire short live, where anyone could come in, talk with me, and watch me do this thing. I did it for four days straight (including right this second actually) and had a decent turn out.

In "la tragedie" we wanted to go for something a little different than the standard GFGames. I hope we managed to strike that magic balance I'm always looking for, which is to please people who are into games, and make it enjoyable enough for someone who might not be into games as much.

We decided to use "fake" games for a variety of reasons, before anyone comments on it. Anyway, enjoy it! Thanks for reading!


Powerful yet funny

It's sort of a tragic comedy, like Shakespeare's plays in a way. It was sad but there was an element of comedic absurdity (I.e. the bunny wearing clown makeup and holding a red balloon). There's that and, though likely unintentional, the absurdity of a game boy breaking if it's hit by a football and falls on the grass. Also the names for the video games they were buying, space football marines likely was meant to allude to the high demand of games like gears of war and madden nfl.

Have to say though, I've seen a few other shorts and I really like the animation and art direction. The style is sort of reminiscent of a more realistic Scott Pilgrim. The humor isn't overpowering, but it's funny to the point where, when combined with the high level of animation, turns out very enjoyable.

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No way

A football may have cracked the screen, but there's no way it make it not work anymore.

Haven't you heard of the Gulf War Gameboy? The one that survived a bunker explosion?

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This defies all logic, a gameboy broke in one drop?!?!


I loved that. Origami instead of Okami xD


the flash was great and i like the music.

P.S. Tetris is and always will be the best puzzle game ever

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Oct 3, 2008
4:07 PM EDT
Comedy - Original