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Simple game, get as high as possible.

You jump and go higher and higher, avoid enemies when you are slow, ram them if you are going fast.

This game is meant to require these things from you if you want to get a high score:

- Skill at avoiding taking damage and picking the bonuses.

- Good memory, you have to remember where the enemies are to be able to dodge them on your way down (you get more points for destroying them on your way up).

- Quick reflexes, when you've killed one enemy you must be swift and reposition yourself.

- Awareness of your speed, if you don't know when it's safe to hit the enemies and when it's not you won't get anywhere.

Easy controls, Left/Right and Space Bar to start jumping. Alternatively A/D can be used to steer. ESC/P pauses the game.

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hell yeah

a really simple yet really fun game, excellent physics, a lot of fun when you gain momentum. could use sound though

Very nice concept

Now just add a few powerups and upgrades and maybe a level system and youv got yourself a very fine game( maybe take a look at hedgehoge launce for inspiration)


I think this would make it if you have sound fx, music, and maybe a goal. there is only some so meny times i can bounce up and down for nothing. good iDEA on the pluss side. If you work on it I have a feeling that it will go pleases.

It was fun.

I was going to close the game before I had even started playing, face it. the graphics arent up to scratch. I had a little go and found myself hooked. Good game. Just improve on the artwork.