The PNESS, Unloaded

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This is a little something that I made in one of my classes here at IUPUI. I decided to upload it here just for the fun of it. The project was to make a "whack-a-mole" type game, but then I thought that was pretty boring, so I twisted it a little to make it into a classic arcade shooter game. Though there are a few glitches (some that you can even exploit), I was happy with it.

I dedicate this to my pal, The PNESS. He's stuck by me for so long, and he's been there to comfort me in harsh times, so I owe him my thanks.

INSTRUCTIONS: Click to shoot the targets. You have 30 seconds to shoot as many targets as you can.

My personal best is 45. Think you can beat it?

NOTE: There is quite a lot of intro before you play the game, and you only play for 30 seconds. So feel free to skip whenever possible if you just wanna get straight to the game play.


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when wil you make more submissions for the tessonas like flashes

wow cool

your my new favorite animator yay


cool- funny, love your stuff!

Great game, too short

Good game; need more T.E.S.S.O.N.A.S. shorts, though. A longer version, in an actual first person shooter style would be cool, too.

It's not that the P-ness never misses...

It's that he CAN'T miss... xD lol But it was a fun, awesome shoot em' up...