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this is one of my games that some guy stole from me and put on this site i think his name was tomashcu, he told me to make an account and submit it so i did

and its pretty old as well i submitted it to flash kit in 2007 yeah tell me what you think if u see this game ANYWHERE else except flash kit IT IS STOLEN!! and tell me so none of this happens again...

thanks hope u like it

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pretty weird

it's like kirby but ninja and only one attack

ikoiji responds:


some shurikens would have been nice but meh

Good but...

Attacking wasn't very good, you just pressed space and ran into the enemy
The boss was easy, I just stood attacking him
But still a good ninja game.

ikoiji responds:

thank you ;)

not bad but has good side!

well...not bad! considering you did it yourself, its good!!! nice game your surely better than me so i aint got to say bad thing out of you!

(you got 10 cuz its a pretty good game (+5) and another +5 cuz you made it yourself!!!

ikoiji responds:

FANK YOU!!!!!!!!!


I think this game was game was good considering you made it yourself.

However it could have been alot better if you spent more time creating it and if you were to focus more on the attacking abilities?

Anyway its a good attempt.

ikoiji responds:


Don't like it

No offense man, but I totally don't like this game. First of all, it's technically bad:
- when the hero stays on the ground, it's enough to press space once and he will attack all the time, but when he's in the air, it's needed to hold space, because he will not attack at all. It's annoying as hell, especially in boss fight.
- when I tried to just pass the enemy and go ahead, I appeared in the same screen with 20 HP lost... What the hell? It's ridiculous, wouldn't it be better to give some kind of "invisible wall"?
- boss fight... I tried to beat him few times and I honestly don't know how to do it. I guess I'd just have to be really patient in taking single hit points of him.

I don't like graphics too. Not because it's simple, it just looks really awful. And the spikes don't really look like spikes. I realized what is it just when I step on them. Only the characters look pretty decent, but that's all.

Music - here's not very much to say, it's just a 5 seconds long sound looping over and over again. Not that bad, but too repetitive.

That's all I can say, good luck with your next games :)

ikoiji responds:

yeah i know the music is crap and all the scripts suck BUT HEY i made it myself and i tried hard so im happy with it

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4.06 / 5.00

Oct 2, 2008
1:46 AM EDT