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Forest of Mythology

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The Forest of Mythology is a quiz game that challenges your knowledge about Mythology and Folklore.

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Version 1.1.2
- Further Engine Modifications
- Making the engine ready for the map addition
- Fixed music button bug
- Corrected spelling mistakes

Version 1.1.0
- 10 new questions!
- Heavy engine modification
- Still 5 retries in order to increase difficulty
- New anti cheat measurement (Disabled Right-Click menu)
- Minor correction and bug-fixes

- Add map as progress indicator and to enable different pathways
- Add animations for each question
- More rewards

Only mouse is needed.

This is my very first flash. I decided to start right away with ActionScript 3.0, and I can say:
It is not the most beginner friendly programming language.

Even though this is the release version of the game, I fully intend to upgrade it later on. The quiz engine was designed to be very small and modular. (I am very proud of that!)

Hope you enjoy it!


Good subject matter and good music!

Anyone who uses Nightwish music in a project is a friend of mine. Nice, humorous phrasing of the question, and you actually knew the mythology you covered. Good job.

It suprised me

I knew so many of these it suprised me. Probly to much rpgs.and i knew the manticore thanks to sci-fi. But in some tales it has the head of a human or dog.

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Liked the subject matter for the quiz

And the 'journey' you take is a good concept for the quiz setup.

Oh and for Q 6. Should it not be Manticore not Manictore?

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Serazahr responds:

Thanks for the Review!
Future plans include an elaboration on the journey. Also, when the map is finished, you will be able to choose how the journey progresses.
(Fixed Spelling mistake)

A riddle in mythology.

What crawls on 4 legs in the morn.
Walks on 2 in the noon.
And walks on 3 at night. (PLZ reply.)

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Serazahr responds:

Well depends, it could be a four legged animal who gets two limbs chopped off, and one of them regrows.
(Could also be the life cycle of a human: toddler, adult, elder. But I don't think so!)


I usually don't like the quiz games but this one was entertaining

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Serazahr responds:

Nice to hear, and I am happy I could entertain you!

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4.27 / 5.00

Oct 1, 2008
9:22 PM EDT
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