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Straw Hat Samurai

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Author Comments

Thanks for all your support!

Update: v1.4 uploaded with improved save system as requested. Game autosaves at the end of each turn. Added quality control. Lower the quality if your game lags. Minor bug fixes.

Update: v1.5 Added Survival Mode as requested.

Keep an eye out for Straw Hat Samurai 2: May Contain Ninjas
Coming your way in a few months time!

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Yeah good game but boring

yeah its super fun,

music is annoying though

should of had something abit more calmer

the vibes from this is something else though!

took half a star away only because you can't scroll while moving, and because enemies with bows would keep attacking from beyond the scroll limit and at a point where if you draw a line on them you go "offscreen" and thus cannot finish drawing your attack, making you sit there and get hit.

Other than that -and its relatively short length- I have nothing to complain about

This was a totoal blast to play! Man, impressive, thinking that this was made like 9 years ago...
The combat system is pure gold. Very original. We have to many button mashers and stuff nowadays, so this was a great change of pace :D

It was epic as well - Like, REAAALLLY epic. I felt like the most badass anime character imaginable. Especialyl when the level ends with this black-red tone, wow...

I also like how this is not a typical "broken, old and annoying game". It does not have too many bugs,is very playable and enjoyable, I feel like I have complete control over the character, and it does not dissapoint with some gameplay issues or bad graphics. Both were amazingly put together.

So, briefly said, this game is really sick. Everyone should play it, gives you a real badAss feeling ;D

I just like the bad-ass way he put's his sword back into the sheath after you kill your last enemy. I also love the awesome graphics and just I guess the vibe of it.